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Conversica, Inc, a provider of conversational AI solutions, revealed a new solution for marketing automation platforms (MAPs) that embeds AI-powered, human-like, real-time conversations directly into pipeline-generating marketing activities.


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The company’s latest advancement is designed to help marketers integrate Conversica’s Conversational AI solution directly into platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot Marketing Hub and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to trigger highly personalized, human-like dialogues when prospects show interest.

“We know embedding two-way conversations directly into inbound lead processes works because we’ve seen it in action,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, in a statement. “Our continued investment in leading the way for the next level of marketing automation is the result of years of perfecting it for our customers. Marketers can finally go beyond the one-way nurture blasts to engage leads on a deeper level, allowing them to talk with their audiences instead of talking at them. We will continue to expand the availability of our next-gen MAP strategy across all platforms to bring the power of two-way dialog to more marketers, enabling them to supercharge their campaigns with unparalleled control and efficiency at scale.”

News Flashback

The release of two-way conversations marks Conversica’s latest advancement in humanizing AI solutions, which comes at a time where people are more likely to trust and accept AI if it feels approachable and even relatable. Previously, the company:

Released A Contextual Response Generation Solution

This feature was created to “learn” a brand’s information to guide conversations with prospects and existing customers and is trained solely on customer data. It leverages RAG capabilities to use customer-specific data to help deliver accurate, dynamic chat conversations that qualify leads through natural, human-like conversations.

Improved Its Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs)

Conversica Chat and Conversica Answers are two human-like AI advancements designed to enable the company’s RDAs to engage every lead, prospect and customer in unscripted conversations with AI-generated web chat, SMS and email. Unlike scripted bots, Conversica claims its AI-powered RDAs leverage the most advanced, largest language models available to quickly interpret open-ended questions and generate responses just like a human would.

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