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Nylas, the state-of-the-art communications platform giving developers universal access to email, calendar, and contacts providers through a single API integration, today announced a strategic partnership with Seasalt.ai, a leader in cloud communications AI technologies. Under the terms of the partnership, multinational companies harnessing both Nylas and Seasalt.ai can seamlessly build email and scheduling features into their applications and contact centers without needing to commit significant time and resources. Additionally, customers will have access to dynamic AI capabilities to enhance customer conversations and satisfaction.


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Organizations are increasingly turning to AI-enabled solutions as a means to drive developer productivity while simultaneously providing better user experiences for their customers. In their Four Pillars of Modern APIs report, Nylas found that an overwhelming 74% of developers and technical leaders said that the ability to leverage APIs to automate processes and unlock new use cases or functionalities was incredibly valuable.

Through Seasalt.ai and Nylas, joint customers can:

  • See instant time and cost savings by seamlessly deploying communications functionality and AI capabilities across various geographic regions, including Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • Build a holistic, single solution featuring email, scheduling, omni-channel messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc), and conversational AI features to facilitate deeper customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Lay an AI-driven foundation for automated workflows and secure access to robust email and calendar data to more accurately train machine learning algorithms and large language models.

“Multinational companies understand that better customer experiences start with arming their development teams with the tools they need to build stickier and more engaging solutions,” said Jesse Ervin, Chief Revenue Officer at Nylas. “The collaboration between Nylas and Seasalt.ai allows companies that span the APJ, EMEA, and North America regions to create features which drive customer satisfaction and loyalty without compromising on time or costs.”

The partnership with Seasalt.ai comes at a time when generative AI and the demand for actionable and intelligent customer conversations within the contact center have taken off. By infusing AI into existing customer-facing processes and features, companies can create more personalized conversations and capture critical data at scale while simultaneously freeing up agents to focus on high-touch, high-impact projects.

“Contact management stands at the pivotal core of all forms of communication, encompassing emails, meetings, phone calls, and messages. Through a strategic partnership with Nylas, Seasalt.ai significantly enhances the contextual depth of Contacts via conversational AI. This empowers customer experience teams with a deeper understanding of their clientele, enabling them to deliver exemplary service,” said Xuchen Yao, CEO of Seasalt.ai. “We are thrilled to announce our new collaborative endeavor designed for enterprises handling vast customer bases, ranging from thousands to millions. Our service revolutionizes communication by enabling the dispatch of millions of messages, thereby catalyzing business growth and enhancing the overall customer experience.”

To learn more about the Nylas partner program visit https://www.nylas.com/partners/ and visit https://seasalt.ai/ for a comprehensive list of their products with Twilio Flex, Discord, and Google Business integrations.

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