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Dean Weber, the founder and CEO of Quantum AI Health, a company that develops conversational-AI solutions for the digital health sector, passed away on February 15, 2024, at the age of 61. His family announced his death on his official website, stating that he died of a heart attack.


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Weber was a pioneer and innovator of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent personal assistants. He was credited for the commercial launch of the first virtual assistant, IVAN, in 1999, and for selling his patent portfolio to Apple in 2010, prior to Apple’s launch of Siri. He also worked on various projects, such as the NASA space suit, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and the connected car. Here is a look at his life, career, and legacy.

Early Life and Background

Weber was born on August 12, 1962, in Buffalo, New York, the son of a furniture maker and a pianist.

He moved to Connecticut with his family when he was six years old, and attended Central Connecticut State University, where he graduated in 1984 with a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics. He was interested in compiler design, queueing theory, and operating systems, and wrote several applications for disk operating systems and virtual memory optimizations.

Weber’s first full-time job was as an assistant athletics trainer at the University of North Carolina, where he worked for five years. He then moved to Los Angeles, California, where he joined Northrop Grumman, and developed software for the Northrop B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, with a DoD Top Secret clearance. He was on the original public launch team in 1998.

Career and Achievements

Weber’s career as an entrepreneur and inventor began in 1990, when he founded EditPro, a software development company that developed and sold the industries first fully integrated development environment (IDE) with embedded syntax color coding and support for various programming languages. He sold the company to Kubota of Japan in 1992, to launch advanced software development tools in the Japanese market.

In 1998, Weber founded One Voice Technologies, an artificial intelligence company that developed and launched the first virtual assistant, IVAN, in 1999.

IVAN was a voice-activated software that could perform tasks such as sending emails, making phone calls, booking flights, and searching the web, using natural language processing and speech recognition. Weber was described by many as “the father of the intelligent personal assistant” and received several awards and patents for his innovation. He sold his patent portfolio to Apple in 2010, prior to Apple’s launch of Siri.

In 2017 and 2018, Weber showcased advanced conversational-AI solutions for connected cars with Mitsubishi and Faurecia at auto shows in Detroit, Paris, Shanghai, and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. He demonstrated how drivers and passengers could interact with their vehicles using voice commands and gestures, and access various features and services, such as navigation, entertainment, climate control, and safety.

In 2019, Weber founded Quantum AI Health, a company that develops conversational-AI solutions for the digital health sector.

Quantum AI Health is focused on providing artificial intelligence solutions to improve patient care and physician access to electronic health records with their AI-based Virtual Medical Scribe platform. The platform uses natural language understanding and generation to transcribe and document patient-physician conversations, and to provide clinical decision support and recommendations.

Death and Legacy

Weber died on February 15, 2024, at his home in San Diego, California. His family did not disclose the cause of his death, but said that he died of a heart attack. He had suffered from diabetes and kidney failure in the past, and had undergone a kidney transplant in 2018.

Weber’s death was mourned by many fans and colleagues, who paid tribute to him on social media and in the press. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, called him “a visionary and a pioneer of artificial intelligence” and “a valued partner and friend”.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said that he was “a brilliant and creative mind” and “a leader in the field of conversational-AI”. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, said that he was “a trailblazer and an inspiration” and “a legend in the industry”. Other people who expressed their admiration and condolences included Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama.

Weber was widely regarded as one of the most influential computer scientists and inventors of his generation. He was praised for his vision, innovation, and passion, and for his ability to create and commercialize cutting-edge technologies that changed the way people interact with machines and information.

He was also admired for his generosity, humility, and mentorship, and for his dedication to his family and his faith. He left behind a rich and diverse body of work, which continues to inspire and benefit millions of users around the world.


Dean Weber was a computer scientist and inventor, who left a lasting mark on the field of artificial intelligence and the world. He was a master of conversational-AI, a creator of the first virtual assistant, and a founder of several successful companies. He was also a kind and humble person, who loved his family and his faith. He died at the age of 61, but his work and spirit live on. He was a genius and a hero.

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