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Fabric, a leader in healthcare experience optimization, has announced the strategic acquisition of GYANT, a company specializing in conversational AI care assistants and patient engagement suites.

– The acquisition of GYANT positions Fabric as a leading force in the digital transformation of healthcare. Their comprehensive suite of solutions is already attracting progressive healthcare providers and innovators, like OSF Healthcare, who are looking to reimagine care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

The Power of AI in Healthcare

Fabric’s platform leverages the power of conversational AI and automation to address critical challenges in healthcare, such as limited clinical capacity and patient access issues. By automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows, Fabric empowers healthcare providers to focus on what matters most: patient care.

GYANT Acquisition Benefits

  • Increased clinical capacity: GYANT’s AI technology and engagement solutions enable faster patient intake, shorter virtual visit wait times, and reduced documentation burden, freeing up valuable time for clinicians.
  • Improved patient access: Fabric’s platform helps patients navigate to the right care setting quickly and easily, whether it’s scheduling appointments, accessing virtual care, or managing their health through self-service tools.
  • Enhanced patient experience: The combined offering provides a seamless and personalized experience, including real-time visit progress updates, access to FAQs, and convenient self-scheduling options.

This acquisition builds on Fabric’s impressive momentum. Since emerging from stealth last year, the company has grown to include 130 employees, secured 70 enterprise health customers, and surpassed $8 million in annual recurring revenue. The addition of GYANT’s talented team, including CEO Stefan Behrens who will join Fabric’s executive team as chief strategy officer, further strengthens the company’s leadership and expertise.

“We are expanding upon our existing integrations with GYANT’s AI technology and engagement solutions to significantly increase clinical capacity and improve patient access,” said Aniq Rahman, Founder and CEO of Fabric. “Together, we dramatically lower the time it takes for a patient to connect with a provider, complete a visit, and start feeling better–while driving clinical and operational efficiency.”  

Fabric’s Platform Approach

Fabric’s platform addresses every step of the patient journey, from symptom onset to post-discharge

  • Navigates patients: AI guides patients to the ideal care setting, scheduling appointments and directing them to the appropriate service.
  • Fast-tracks virtual visits: Intelligent interviews expedite virtual consultations, reducing wait times and streamlining provider workflows.
  • Expands clinical capacity: Mobile intake forms and automated symptom gathering free up clinicians’ time, boosting efficiency and capacity.
  • Increases transparency: Real-time updates and FAQs enhance patient satisfaction and prevent patient abandonment.
  • Drives throughput: Streamlined discharge processes in emergency rooms improve patient flow and resource allocation.
  • Improves health outcomes and access: Automated follow-ups reduce readmissions, increase patient loyalty, and promote preventative care.

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