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Debuting at SCOPE Summit 2024, the pro version of H1’s proprietary GenAI tool expands access to deep insights within Trial Landscape solution to better facilitate clinical trial design and development


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NEW YORK, Feb. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — H1, the leading source of truth for global healthcare professionals, clinical trial, and research information for life sciences, announces the launch of GenosAI™ Pro, a new addition to its conversational AI toolkit. Accessed inside of H1’s Trial Landscape platform, this next-generation tool transforms text and data into visual insights and actionable deliverables that help feasibility teams prepare diversity plans, healthcare provider (HCP) and site biobooks, and presentation slides for trial design meetings or diversity plan development sessions.

GenosAI is the conversational AI backbone powering all H1 solutions. Building on the success of GenosAI Lite released in 2023, the new GenosAI Pro brings even more advanced AI-powered features and capabilities to Trial Landscape. The system is built on OpenAI ChatGPT Enterprise, keeping data private and secure while delivering the most powerful conversational AI tool available to pharmaceutical companies, streamlining workflows, improving data-driven decision making, and ultimately optimizing clinical trial processes.

GenosAI Pro’s ChatGPT-like experience uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to translate complex data questions into comprehensive responses that expedite and scale business decisions. Users can pose complex queries and receive high-confidence, actionable responses in seconds, pulling from over 505,000 trials, 25 million publications, 10 million HCPs (including diversity data), 240 million patients, and 11 billion global claims. For example, “What are the common countries to conduct a clinical trial in lung cancer, and who are common sponsors of these trials?”

GenosAI Pro for Trial Landscape is specifically designed for use cases within clinical trial design and development, including:

  • Ensuring trial results are reliable, applicable, and meaningful for both researchers and the broader medical community through well-designed inclusion and exclusion criteria.

  • Addressing the complexities of building a diversity strategy with summarized diversity and inclusion (D&I) data and insights.

  • Optimizing resources to promote timely initiation, effective patient recruitment, protocol integrity, and overall trial success with efficient selection and feasibility planning.

  • Identifying the diversity interests and experiences of HCPs through social and medical engagements.

“GenosAI Pro marks a significant leap forward in applying the power of generative AI to clinical research, offering unmatched insights and efficiencies. It exemplifies H1’s commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative technologies,” said H1’s CEO and co-founder Ariel Katz. “Empowering users to instantly and seamlessly access profound insights from Trial Landscape data, GenosAI Pro is transforming the utilization of clinical trial data on a daily basis.”

H1’s Trial Landscape product line also includes the already available GenosAI Lite and later this year, GenosAI Enterprise, an enterprise-grade solution with added functionality. To learn more about GenosAI for Trial Landscape or request a free trial, please visit

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