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After OpenAI impressed us with its GPT-4o model, Google followed up with a conversation Gemini demo that also made the future of AI look bright. 


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Google released a new video that shows off a prototype of Gemini on a Pixel using live video and spoken prompts to provide information. The video was apparently filmed while setting up for Google I/O, which starts on May 14. 

In the demo, they show the Pixel phone running Gemini AI the stage being put together for Google I/O and ask it what it thinks is happening happening. Correctly, it says it looks like a stage for a large event being set up. When letters are shown on a screen, Gemini says they’re for Google I/O and offers a brief description of Google’s upcoming event. 

Much like OpenAI‘s latest ChatGPT demonstration, Google’s Gemini video is impressive because of how natural the conversation feels. It’s easy to forget that there isn’t a person behind the voice coming out of the Pixel device. It moves naturally like it would if two friends were sitting down and conversing. 

Without testing the two AI models, it’s hard to say which one works better, but they’re both nothing short of impressive. You have to be excited (and perhaps a little nervous) about the future of AI based on these two demos. And according to OpenAI, it will only get much better from here.

As exciting as Google’s demonstration is, the company came under fire in the past for making an AI demo look much more impressive than it actually was. We’ll have to go hands-on with these Gemini changes before we know for sure how much better it is, but if the video is an accurate representation, the AI battle really is just getting started.

Google’s keynote is scheduled to kick off Google I/O, so we’ll learn more about its Gemini plans and plenty of other projects from the company soon.

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