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Customers are often frustrated when businesses don’t offer the option of a meaningful conversation with an actual human. But businesses are increasingly dependent on digital agents like chatbots. Is it possible to make both sides happy?


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D-ID, an Israel-based platform for the generation of digital humans, thinks the answer is D-ID Agents – highly customized, autonomous AI avatars that take verbal commands from users and respond in multiple languages, using facial expressions and hand gestures.

Following a beta phase, companies can now integrate D-ID Agents into their digital platforms, enhancing customer experience and marketing with human-like interactions.

The natural user interface (NUI) that powers D-ID Agents enables the avatars to engage in a conversation with a user, creating a sense of mutual understanding, emotional connection and trust.

“Making D-ID Agents widely available is a leap forward in our mission to bridge the communications gap between humans and rapidly advancing technologies,” said Gil Perry, CEO and cofounder of D-ID.

“As LLMs [large language models] become increasingly critical for enterprises, we understood that the natural progression was to move from text-based interactions to audio and video. So, our platform is not just about enhancing digital interactions; it’s about transforming them into meaningful conversations, fostering trust and understanding between businesses and their customers.â€�

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D-ID Agents also are equipped with retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology, a form of conversational AI that helps the agent comprehend the users’ environment and respond accurately, intelligently and swiftly with over 90 percent accuracy delivered in under two seconds.

All users to create a D-ID Agent through the Creative Reality Studio at no cost (for a limited time), with a limit of one active embedded agent per account. Pro+ plans will now include voice cloning capabilities, allowing users to create personalized agent voices within the platform.

“The overwhelming interest in D-ID Agents during our beta phase demonstrates that businesses are ready for a new way to provide online customer service that goes beyond the standard chatbot,� said Eliran Kuta, CTO and cofounder of D-ID, which has offices in Tel Aviv, London and the United States.

The general release of D-ID Agents includes several key updates and improvements based on feedback from the beta phase. These enhancements focus on increasing accessibility, end-user analytics for business intelligence, and expanding the platform’s language support to ensure a more inclusive and versatile user experience. Additionally, D-ID Agents can now be embedded and shared.

Founded in 2017, D-ID serves a diverse clientele, from sales and marketing and customer experience platforms to Fortune 500 companies.


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