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Keywords Studios, leading provider of creative and technology-enabled solutions to the global video games industry, is pleased to announce a collaboration with cutting-edge middleware company The collaboration will enable Keywords to offer implementation services to clients looking to empower human developers by using’s responsible technology to support the creation of more immersive in-game non-player-characters (NPCs).


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This collaboration represents a shared desire between Innovation at Keywords Studios and Charisma AI to explore the potential to offer the creation of emergent NPC behaviour to game design and development clients who want to utilise Both companies bring unique expertise to the table, with Keywords renowned for the scale and expertise of its innovative game development studios, with at the forefront of believable NPC conversational AI.

Keywords Studios plans to provide advisory and implementation services to clients relating to’s technology. By harnessing the power of AI responsibly, the partnership will focus on creating novel and engaging video game experiences, providing developers with tools that allow them to accelerate their workflows as well as bringing their ideas to life for’s clients.

Commenting on the partnership, Jamie Campbell, Head of Innovation at Keywords Studios, stated, “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with This collaboration represents a convergence of two domains – game development services at scale and’s novel NPC conversational AI solution – unlocking a realm of possibilities that can shape the future of gaming. As well as continuing to deliver traditional game development services, we also look forward to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the gaming industry for clients who want the option of exploring the AI-enabled space when they feel the time is right. Our responsible approach to AI means we see it as an additive technology – human intelligence plus artificial intelligence will allow developers to do more, as opposed to reducing team sizes.”

Guy Gadney, CEO of, commented, “Our collaboration with Keywords Studios is a testament to the transformative potential of combining our expertise in responsible AI with Keywords Studios’ prowess and scale in game development. This partnership reflects our mutual commitment to exploration and innovation on behalf of those clients who want to explore this space.”

About is a global leader in creative artificial intelligence, enabling conversational NPCs within immersive narrative experiences. The company works with games developers and publishers, Hollywood Studios and corporations, with its proprietary AI technology supporting successful, controllable and responsible deployments of Natural Language Artificial Intelligence.

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