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Arturo Pérez-Wong, General Manager of CPD CERAN at L’Oréal Chile, says: “With this new technology, we will better understand our consumers and provide them with superior service, since Lore can hold a fluid conversation just like a person and can advise them on the best products, reducing the margin of error.”


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“This is the starting point for a solution that will evolve.”

Francisca Unda, Key Account Manager at L’Oréal, comments that Lore “was the opportunity to better connect with our customers, making them feel truly supported and humanising the service, with empathy and containment.”

Virginia Duran, Senior Manager Technology & Innovation, NTT DATA UK&I, says: “Lore is disrupting the norm in customer experience, shifting the idea of what retail customer service should look like and improving L’Oréal’s customer interactions.”

“With the help of our conversational AI platform, eva, L’Oréal has become a pioneer in e-commerce and social commerce, kickstarting a truly limitless shopping experience for its customers and providing a glance at how AI can truly empower consumers.”

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