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Scorebuddy, the market-leading contact centre quality assurance (QA) platform, announced a strategic partnership with Moveo.AI, a groundbreaking provider of next-gen conversational AI interfaces. This collaboration will enable contact centres to automate significant elements of their customer service.


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By implementing virtual agents alongside QA, users of Scorebuddy and Moveo.AI can scale to meet customer demand with fast, personalized experiences backed by QA monitoring and insights. This will enable contact centres to maximize the cost-saving benefits of AI and tackle pressing challenges:

Growing interaction volumes: Moveo’s virtual agents enable self-service on a large scale, without any drop in customer satisfaction rates. They’re multilingual, omnichannel, and capable of handling sudden increases in demand.

Inconsistent service quality: Powered by proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) trained exclusively for customer service, Moveo’s AI agents are fine-tuned to provide consistent, high-quality customer service. And they’re self-teaching, learning from previous interactions to ensure continuous improvement.

Slow resolution times: Virtual agents significantly expand self-service, resulting in quicker resolution times, improved first contact resolution (FCR) rates, and lower average handling times (AHT). Moveo.AI customers have seen outcomes like a 95% resolution rate of requests and a 70% reduction in live-support tickets.

Overwhelmed agents: With AI agents managing a large chunk of interactions, customer service teams can focus on the most complex requests. Moveo’s virtual agent technology can automate over 70% of customer support operations, including order reschedules, transaction status reviews, and more, via seamless integration with CRMs, ERPs, and other tech.

“With Moveo, Scorebuddy users gain a clear advantage—they can transform their contact centres with virtual agents, expanding support while maintaining the CX that gives them a competitive edge. This partnership will give customers the confidence to scale with AI, knowing the quality and consistency of their customer experience is protected. Moveo’s conversational AI automates the front lines, while Scorebuddy’s QA platform ensures optimal performance.” – Derek Corcoran, CEO & Founder, Scorebuddy

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Scorebuddy, a move that represents a significant leap forward for the future of customer service. By leveraging Moveo’s advanced conversational AI with Scorebuddy’s robust QA platform, we are setting a new standard for excellence in customer experience. Together, we’re not just transforming contact centres; we’re empowering businesses to exceed customer expectations with every interaction. This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of leveraging technology to foster genuine connections and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.” – Panos Karagiannis, CEO and co-founder, Moveo.AI

About Scorebuddy

Scorebuddy is a market-leading contact centre quality assurance platform that uses embedded AI solutions to help businesses boost customer experience, engage agents, and leverage insights.


About Moveo.AI

Moveo.AI is a complete customer experience platform that brings generative AI to the enterprise, helping businesses elevate CX and scale operations by deploying virtual agents powered by proprietary large language models (LLMs).


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