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YouTube is incorporating a new “Ask AI” feature, designed by Google, to transform how viewers engage with video content.


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YouTube pivots Ask AI feature to selected users in the United States

This innovative function is currently undergoing testing, enabling real-time interaction through a conversational AI tool that facilitates immediate question-and-answer sessions within the videos.

“While you’re watching a video on YouTube, the conversational AI tool lets you interact with AI to learn more about the content. For example, you can ask questions about the video you’re watching or choose a suggested prompt like “recommend related content.”


Who can use YouTube’s Ask AI feature? At this experimental stage, the feature is exclusively available on the YouTube Android app for Premium subscribers aged 18 and above, located in the United States.

How? Once activated on their accounts, users will see an “Ask” button under eligible videos. This allows them to either type in questions about the video or choose from a set of pre-defined prompts that request summaries or related content. The AI processes the input along with the video content, delivering relevant responses seamlessly during playback.

The efficiency and accuracy of these responses suggest that Google’s AI might be conducting preliminary analyses of YouTube videos to optimize this feature.

OpenAI used YouTube videos to train AI, report claims

What type of information is gathered, and for what purpose?

When you utilize this tool, Google collects data regarding your interactions, including any queries and feedback you provide. This information assists Google in enhancing, developing, and delivering its products and services. Any data linked to your Google Account will be automatically erased after 30 days.

Have questions in a YouTube video? Click on Ask and let AI answer (Image credit)

How does Google ensure quality and privacy?

To enhance the quality of its services, such as the generative machine-learning models behind this tool, human reviewers may assess and annotate your conversations. Google implements privacy protection measures during this process, including detaching your conversations from your Google Account prior to review and using automated systems to strip away personal details like email addresses and phone numbers.

Retention of reviewed conversations

Conversations reviewed by humans are stored separately and do not link back to your Google Account, remaining accessible for up to three years, unlike the standard 30-day retention policy.

How can I provide feedback on this tool?

If you encounter an AI-generated response that you find unhelpful, unsafe, or inaccurate, you can submit feedback to aid Google in refining the tool. To provide feedback:

  • Tap “Ask” under a video.
  • Choose a suggested prompt or enter your own question.
  • After receiving a response, select either thumbs up or thumbs down to provide feedback.
Have questions in a YouTube video? Click on Ask and let AI answer (Image credit)

How to report a legal issue?

If you need to report a response for legal reasons:

  • Click the thumbs down on the response.
  • Choose to report legal issues.
  • Follow the instructions to complete your report.

Can I communicate with YouTube support through this tool?

This tool does not offer a direct link to YouTube support and is not designed to serve as a support channel for YouTube products.

Are my conversations used for advertising purposes?

Your conversations through this tool are not utilized by Google for advertising. Should this policy change, Google will clearly inform you of any updates.

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