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In a pivotal moment for customer service automation, Tenyx – a leader in voice AI systems – today introduces Tenyx Voice, a comprehensive conversational AI solution for the enterprise. Backed by the team’s groundbreaking research in fine-tuning, the new AI voice product takes aim at elevating customer interactions and improving customer satisfaction with its unprecedented ability to capture each brand’s unique identity.


World’s Leading High-rise Marketplace

“We’re proud to unveil a voice solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of businesses in their customer interactions,” said Itamar Arel, CEO and co-founder of Tenyx. “By offering tailored domain-specific and industry-specific voice agents, we’re bringing advanced automation and continuous learning capabilities that create optimal efficiencies for our customers.”

A New Standard for Automated Customer Service

Recent reports underscore the critical impact of voice AI in mitigating customer disengagement, revealing that 40% disengage due to inadequate support. U.S. companies face an annual loss of $75 billion attributed to subpar service, emphasizing the pressing demand for efficient conversational AI solutions.

Led by a veteran team of AI and ML experts from industry giants like Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM, and Salesforce, Tenyx’s voice-based system is poised to transform automated customer service, and set a new standard in ease of interaction. By tackling prevailing issues in current solutions, including user frustration, limited analytics, rising costs, and scaling challenges, Tenyx Voice offers a dynamic, and adaptable solution that delivers improvements in the following ways:

  • Endpointing and Interruptions: Accurately detects when a customer finishes speaking so automated agents can deliver the right conversational flow for each interaction. Allows users to interrupt in a natural manner, and includes low-latency performance in high-noise environments.

  • Turn-based Conversational AI: Voice and call routing that maintains the context of a conversation to improve the customer experience over time. Dynamic IP-based call routing platform enables the delivery of a unique agent that enhances your brand.

  • Dynamic Scaling and Continuous Learning: Adapts to varying call volumes effortlessly and incorporates the latest advancements in LLMs and voice technology, enabling AI solutions with continuous learning capabilities that use proprietary data safely and efficiently to improve models.

  • Comprehensive Voice Solution: Delivers robust, industry-tailored AI voice agents for varied purposes, maximizing call center potential, with superior proficiency, safety, and knowledge retention. Seamlessly integrates into existing systems, ensuring rapid deployment within weeks.

One of the first customers to deploy Tenyx Voice is RealtyTrac, one of the leading resources for investors, real estate agents, and consumers looking for foreclosure properties. “We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service across our entire portfolio (real estate solutions, credit monitoring, and more),” said David Teng, CEO at RealtyTrac. “We believe that conversational AI and our partnership with Tenyx empowers us to deliver a unique and differentiated customer experience that represents our brands and helps us deliver on our revenue and efficiency goals.”

This announcement follows Tenyx’s open-source chat LLM, Tenyx_Chat-7B-v1, which has claimed the top spot on Hugging Face’s MT-Bench Leaderboard, surpassing even larger models like ChatGPT – solidifying Tenyx’s pioneering role in AI technology.

Backed by leading VCs AME Cloud Ventures, Cota Capital, Coelius Capital, Morado Ventures, Pathbreaker Ventures, StageOne Ventures, and Point72 Ventures, Tenyx was founded by serial entrepreneurs and engineers whose previous voice AI company, Apprente, was acquired by McDonald’s in 2019 before IBM purchased the division in 2021.

For more information and to request a demo, visit https://www.tenyx.com/.

About Tenyx

Tenyx is a privately held company in Los Altos, California delivering intelligent voice AI agents for customer service automation. Leveraging proprietary AI technology, the company is creating integrative solutions that are naturally engaging, capable of understanding context and able to offer the sense of immediacy found in human interactions. Tenyx helps businesses and their employees minimize wait times, boost service productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve customer experience.

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