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AI firm VTouch has unveiled the Wizpr Ring: a rare smart ring that isn’t focused on fitness and health tracking. Instead, it’s packing a microphone designed to be used to ask questions and prompt conversational AI services. 


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This AI-powered smart ring, which earned a CES 2024 Innovation Award, is said to be ideal for dictation and conversational computing since it offers a microphone with “advanced AI capabilities” to cut out background noise, to the point where it can understand a whisper – hence the name. It’s certainly one of the more unique rings out there – all the entries in our best smart rings list are focused on fitness or NFC payments.

It offers call functionality through the proximity-sensing mic when paired with earphones, and will close the call when moving the mic away from the user’s mouth. Speaking out loud in general conversation allegedly won’t trigger the AI: the act of bringing the ring to your mouth is essentially the equivalent of saying a voice assistant’s wake word.

The Wizpr Ring pairs with a smartphone app, and works with the usual conversational AI suspects such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and more. It can interact with your smart home, too.

Although it earned an award at CES 2024, it’s not actually on shelves yet: VTouch has launched a Kickstarter for the product, which is fully funded. 

Analysis: Do we really need an AI ring?

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While the idea of a secure way to have a conversation with AI may appeal to some, it feels like a surprising place to take the still-burgeoning smart rings category. It feels a lot like the Humane AI Pin, which uses conversational AI in a similar way and won one of our Best of MWC awards. Still, with AI and machine learning creeping into our daily lives over the last year or so, it could be a forward-thinking choice – and there’s more that it can do, too.

“AI-based conversational computing is expected to be the next big thing that goes beyond the limitations of ‘graphical user interfaces’ such as PCs and smartphones,” SJ Kim, Founder & Co-CEO of VTouch said in a press release.

“With Wizpr Ring, we aim to realize a conversational computing environment where you can interact with AI by talking to it with your voice anytime, anywhere, without having to look at a screen.”

There’s also an SOS system to notify emergency contacts, and the WHSP RING can nudge you for task reminders, too.

Users can expect 90 hours of battery life, and it charges via USB-C. The Wizpr Ring is expected to go on sale in the US for $199, around £156 / AU$305.

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