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At the commencement of the global technology event LEAP 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Unifonic, a pioneer in conversational AI, unveiled its latest advancements in automating customer journeys. This significant move not only underscores the company’s commitment to digital transformation but also marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of customer engagement strategies. By integrating AI-powered conversational suites post the acquisition of Sestek in 2022, Unifonic is set on redefining the standards of seamless digital communications across various industries.


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Empowering Digital Transformations

Unifonic’s core mission revolves around enabling brands to elevate their customer interactions through omnichannel experiences. The incorporation of AI-powered conversational suites and no-code automation software signifies a leap towards more personalized and efficient communication methods. CEO Ahmed Hamdan emphasized the transformative power of automation in crafting bespoke customer experiences that foster deeper connections and loyalty. The acquisition of Sestek further amplifies Unifonic’s capabilities, offering businesses unparalleled tools to engage with their customers effectively.

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement


Unifonic’s approach to Conversational Marketing Automation and Customer Support Automation aims at driving significant actions that benefit both businesses and their customers. By leveraging state-of-the-art automation and AI technologies, the company is able to offer solutions that not only streamline communication processes but also enhance the overall customer experience. This strategic focus on automation and personalization is designed to instill confidence in digital marketing strategies and redefine customer support paradigms, making every interaction more meaningful and impactful.

Building a Strong Integration Ecosystem

The success of Unifonic’s innovations in customer engagement is also attributed to its robust integration ecosystem. By establishing seamless connections with various digital platforms and tools, Unifonic ensures that businesses can effortlessly implement and benefit from its conversational AI solutions. This ecosystem approach not only facilitates the adoption of advanced technologies but also enables brands to offer automated and personalized omnichannel customer journeys, thereby elevating the customer experience to new heights.

As Unifonic continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital communication, its presence at LEAP 2024 serves as a testament to the company’s vision and commitment to innovation. With its sights set on transforming how brands communicate with their customers, Unifonic is leading the way in harnessing the power of AI to automate and personalize customer journeys. As this technology continues to evolve, the implications for businesses and consumers alike are profound, promising a future where digital interactions are not just transactions, but meaningful engagements that build lasting relationships.

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