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Amazon Music has unveiled Maestro, an AI-powered feature designed to help users create playlists, based on text prompts. The feature is currently in beta and is available to a limited number of users in the US.

Amazon Maestro is available to select beta users in US (Image Credits: Amazon)

Just a week after Spotify introduced an AI Playlist generator, Amazon Music has launched an AI-powered feature Maestro that can create playlists based on text prompts. Just like Spotify’s AI Playlist generator, Amazon Music’s new conversational AI is also available in beta and is being rolled out to a limited number of users in the US.

Amazon announced the new AI tool via a post on its newsroom. Amazon introduces Maestro as a new feature that uses AI technology to make it easier and way more fun to “build playlists you want, when you want.” It adds that the AI playlist generator assists users in crafting a wide range of playlists, including those they may not have considered before. Let’s take a detailed look at Maestro.

Amazon Music: Maestro AI tool

Amazon Music’s Maestro is a conversational AI tool that allows users to create playlists based on text input. This means it can understand and deliver on tasks given to it in natural language. Users can type a short description of what they want or write a detailed prompt to guide the AI.

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Maestro can also understand emojis, allowing users to type a series of emojis in a prompt to create a relevant playlist. Amazon Music users can also use emojis in combination with words. Amazon says that good prompts should contain emojis, emotions, activities, and sounds to create the most suitable playlists. Notably, Maestro also accepts verbal prompts.

Maestro’s availability and limitations

Amazon confirmed that Maestro is not a finished project. It is currently in beta and will be available to users on all tiers of the Amazon Music mobile app, including the free tier. Beta testers on both Android and iOS can find the feature on the home screen of the Amazon Music mobile app. It is also available in the playlist section via the plus icon for creating a new playlist.

Like other AI tools available in the market, Amazon advised that Maestro might not always create the desired playlist accurately on the first attempt. It encourages users to experiment with different prompts to find the songs they want.

Amazon has also introduced measures to prevent offensive language and inappropriate prompts. Users can provide feedback to the company if they encounter any behaviour that could detract from the overall experience for everyone.

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