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What is Rufus?

With the next Amazon Shopping app update, Rufus will be available to some consumers. Rufus is now available in beta for Amazon mobile app users. To begin using it, just start entering or speaking your inquiries into the search bar. A dialog box for Rufus will then appear at the bottom of your screen. Viewing replies to their queries, tapping on suggested inquiries, and asking follow-up questions are all within the chat dialog window, which customers can enlarge. At any moment, customers can minimize Rufus and return to the standard search results simply swiping down from the top of the screen.


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For the purpose of assisting consumers in making more educated purchasing selections, Rufus compiles replies from pertinent data from around Amazon and the web. Because generative AI is still in its infancy, it will make mistakes. Rufus will become more useful over time as we refine our AI models and make incremental improvements to his responses. In addition to the more traditional “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” ratings, customers also have the ability to submit more detailed, free-form comments.

With extensive training on Amazon’s product catalog and data from across the web, Rufus is an expert shopping assistant who can answer customer questions about their shopping needs, products, and comparisons. Based on this information, Rufus can then make recommendations and help customers discover products in the same Amazon shopping experience they already know and love.

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Rufus will be gradually made available to more consumers in the United States in the coming weeks after its beta launch today via Amazon’s mobile app to a select subset of users. For over 25 years, Amazon has made extensive use of AI to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. Some examples of experiences driven by AI include the personalized recommendations customers receive while shopping on Amazon, the pick pathways in our fulfillment centers, our drone deliveries, Alexa’s conversational skills, and our checkout-free Amazon Go stores. Furthermore, we anticipate that generative AI will revolutionize the way almost every business interacts with its customers.

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To further simplify and expedite the purchasing experience, we have implemented several new generative AI-powered capabilities into the Amazon store within the previous year. To help clients discover consumer insights faster, our AI-generated review highlights give common themes from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of reviews at a glance. Fit Review Highlights is another one of our new features that helps consumers find the perfect size by providing them with tailored recommendations based on their measurements. By assisting our selling partners in creating more captivating and effective product titles and descriptions, as well as enhancing current listings, we are also utilizing generative AI to increase the level of information available to customers in product listings.

Rufus is being launched today, expanding on these AI customer improvements.

Rufus, an expert shopping assistant powered by generative AI, is able to answer customer questions about a wide range of products and services, compare prices, and provide suggestions depending on the conversational context by drawing on Amazon’s vast product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and information from across the web. Whether it’s general inquiries like “what to consider when buying running shoes?” or more specific ones like “what are the differences between trail and road running shoes?” Rufus makes it easier for customers to find and discover the best products for their needs, all while being seamlessly integrated into the Amazon shopping experience they already love.

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