German Students Use VR and AI to Engage With Memories of the Holocaust – University of Arkansas Newswire

April 16, 2024 Ellen McPherson WLDH Studio Director Maughan and German Conversation students discuss the ethics behind “Tell Me, Inge.” Last week, professssor Kathleen Condray’s GERM 3033: German Conversation course visited the World Languages and Digital Humanities Studio to explore “Tell Me, Inge,” which is a free, online project that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Election disinformation: how AI-powered bots work and how you can protect yourself from their influence – Loughborough University

Election disinformation: how AI-powered bots work and how you can protect yourself from their influence 10 April 2024 Social media platforms have become more than mere tools for communication. They’ve evolved into bustling arenas where truth and falsehood collide. Among these platforms, X stands out as a prominent battleground. It’s a place where disinformation campaigns thrive, […]

Let’s Talk A-Bot It: The Growing Uses of AI Online – University of Georgia

As the instrument that will one day power flying cars, operate delicate surgeries, and even create new art trends, artificial intelligence or “AI” is often thought of as future technology. But if you own any type of electronic device—a phone, computer, tablet or even smartwatch—chances are you’re using AI every day, especially when it comes […]

The Case for Conversational AI in Education & Employability Programs – FE News

This article explores the transformative impact of conversational AI in education and employability, highlighting its potential to personalise learning, streamline job support services, and address the unique needs of individuals as we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century workforce. In an era where technology and the job market evolve at an unprecedented pace, […]

This AI Paper from the University of Cambridge and UCL Unveils ‘Blending’: A Breakthrough in Efficiently Achieving ChatGPT-level Performance with Smaller Models – MarkTechPost

In the realm of conversational AI, the trend toward larger models, exemplified by behemoths like ChatGPT, Bard, and Gemini, has been palpable. The understanding is that increasing model parameters and training data significantly enhances language models’ quality and capabilities. However, the computational demands of these colossal models raise concerns about efficiency. When intelligently combined, can […]

Fascinated By Movie Robots, iSchool Alum Works on Conversational AI – iSchool | Syracuse University – Syracuse University

Growing up, Keisuke Inoue’s favorite parts of movies and TV shows weren’t the human actors. He loved the robots and computers – C-3PO in Star Wars, Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the computer in Star Trek, just to name a few.  Back then, people who wanted to communicate with robots studied computer […]