Rise of AI Moderators: Enhancing Fairness, Efficiency in Public Discourse – Newsweek

In the dynamic world of public discourse, the role of the moderator is critical, guiding discussions at conferences, debates and interviews to ensure they remain relevant and civil. As passionate tinkerers with a deep background in conference organization and a profound belief in the transformative power of artificial intelligence, we’ve always been intrigued by the […]

How AI bots spread fabricated information to sway public discourse – Scroll.in

Representational image. | Miguel Schincariol/AFP Social media platforms have become more than mere tools for communication. They’ve evolved into bustling arenas where truth and falsehood collide. Among these platforms, X stands out as a prominent battleground. It’s a place where disinformation campaigns thrive, perpetuated by armies of AI-powered bots programmed to sway public opinion and […]

Polco announces AI tool for public sector decision-making – Wisbusiness.com

A Madison-based software company called Polco is conducting field testing for a new conversational AI application designed to support public sector decision-making.  The business yesterday announced the new AI tool known as “Polly,” described as a conversational data analyst. It can be accessed through the company’s existing civic engagement and analytics platform, which is used […]

Salesforce Ships Public Beta of Einstein Copilot Amid High AI Expectations – SalesforceDevops.net – SalesforceDevops.net

Nearly six months after demonstrating Einstein Copilot at Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce today announced the public beta launch. The conversational AI productivity tool aims to help sales, service, marketing, and other professionals get work done faster by interacting with Salesforce org functions through natural language. “Einstein Copilot is the most relevant, accurate AI assistant on the […]

Meta’s BlenderBot: A Step Towards Ethical AI through Public Interaction – BNN Breaking

Imagine engaging in a conversation where every response is thoughtfully considered, devoid of prejudice, and endlessly informative. This is the promise of Meta’s latest venture, BlenderBot, which has been released to the general public. But the path to a truly ethical artificial intelligence (AI) is fraught with challenges, and Meta is inviting you, the user, […]

Transforming Public Services: The Case for Conversational AI in Employability Programs – FE News

In a rapidly evolving world, where technology continues to reshape the landscape of employment, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in employability has emerged as a beacon of innovation. For employability professionals and forward-thinking Innovation Directors, understanding the transformative power of AI is not just a choice but a necessity.  This post delves into AI […]