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Cineverse Corp. announced the forthcoming launch of cineSearch. An innovative AI-powered movie search platform, cineSearch’s goal is to revolutionize the search and discovery (SAND) experience to answer audiences’ most pressing question: “What do you want to watch?” The cineSearch service was developed by Cineverse using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search.


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The underlying core cineSearch technology was built as an adaptive layer on top of the PaLM 2 Large Language Model (LLM) with the intent to craft a chatbot specifically tuned for feature film and television entertainment. Through the use of PaLM 2 and Google Cloud’s gen AI infrastructure, cineSearch promises an innovative, conversational experience for those seeking advice on what films to watch. As part of this new service, Cineverse is introducing a new “artificial intelligence-based video advisor” that will be known simply as “Ava.” The launch of Cineverse’s AI-powered search feature will utilize the first proprietary movie industry-specific AI model specifically tuned with an extensive set of metadata ?

both standard metadata as well as computer vision-based enriched, contextual metadata (such as weather or setting) ? across more than 100,000 Hollywood movies and television shows. cineSearch offers a single unified search engine with support for dozens of search dimensions such as theme, tone, mood, setting, music score, plot, micro-genre, and many more traits for films available across all streaming services.

The cineSearch service will also utilize scene-specific metadata and a viewer’s previous viewing history as well as their location, the current date, the local weather conditions, and other factors to determine the ideal titles to recommend. Viewers will be able to conduct searches across a plethora of characteristics at the film and scene-level, making the process of finding the perfect movie more intuitive, simple and entertaining. In addition, if a particular movie is not available within Cineverse’s extensive catalog, Ava will recommend films available elsewhere ?

and provide direct links to access films available across other streaming services ? for a seamless movie discovery experience. Cineverse stands as the vanguard in the movie industry by applying AI technology in a first-to-market, enhanced search feature that enables users to search across multiple dimensions unavailable on any other platform.

This unprecedented service also serves as a testament to AI’s potential to propel the entertainment industry forward by bringing attention to content that may not otherwise be discovered by fans.

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