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Conversica Announces Dynamic Two-Way AI Conversations for Marketing Automation Platforms


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Conversica’s 1:1 Conversational AI integration marks the most significant update to marketing automation platforms (MAP) engagement capabilities in 25 years

Conversica, Inc, the leading provider of Conversational AI solutions for enterprise revenue teams, announced today its new solution for marketing automation platforms (MAPs) that embeds AI-powered, human-like, real-time conversations directly into key pipeline-generating marketing activities.

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Conversica’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration enables users to directly embed AI-powered conversations within Journey Builder. (Graphic: Business Wire)

This first-of-its-kind industry advancement enables marketers to integrate Conversica’s Conversational AI solution directly into platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot Marketing Hub, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to trigger highly personalized, human-like dialogs when prospects show interest, dramatically increasing sales conversions as much as 10x. Conversica’s Powerfully Human® conversations maximize marketing impact through dynamically generated dialog that influences and persuades across the customer lifecycle, transforming MAPs from one-way outreach tools into AI-driven rapid response and engagement platforms.

Real-Time AI Conversations for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms for lead engagement with one-way email outreach and rigidly defined journeys have remained largely unchanged for the past two decades. With its industry-first marketing automation platform strategy, Conversica is embedding dynamic two-way conversations directly into the platforms that marketers rely on to uplevel engagement and guide leads through the funnel to post-sale loyalty and growth. This allows marketers to see the immediate results from conversational nurturing streams. The “No-Reply@company” finally goes away.

As part of this strategy, the company recently announced Conversica for Marketing Cloud is available on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling users to directly embed two-way conversations into Journey Builder. Conversica will also be showcasing its MAP solution for Marketo at the Adobe Summit on March 25-28.

Digital Assistants at Work

Conversica’s MAP strategy is already helping companies unearth significantly more revenue opportunities. An enterprise information management company uses Conversica’s two-way marketing automation strategy to circle back with prospects that have gone dormant, notably catching deals over holiday weekends that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks. The Friday before Labor Day, a prospect responded to outreach from the company’s Revenue Digital Assistant™, after the office had gone home.

The power of AI-powered assistants is their ability to answer any lead’s questions and prepare them for a call with a sales representative. When this team returned to the office on Tuesday, they had sales-ready opportunities in their inbox. Thanks to the automated re-engagement strategy, a notable half-million-dollar deal was closed by the following Friday.

“We know embedding two-way conversations directly into inbound lead processes works because we’ve seen it in action. Our continued investment in leading the way for the next level of marketing automation is the result of years of perfecting it for our customers,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. “Marketers can finally go beyond the one-way nurture blasts to engage leads on a deeper level, allowing them to talk ‘WITH’ their audiences instead of talking ‘AT’ them. We will continue to expand the availability of our next-gen MAP strategy across all platforms to bring the power of two-way dialog to more marketers, enabling them to supercharge their campaigns with unparalleled control and efficiency at scale, all directly within the Marketing Automation Platform they already use. But the true value will be an order of magnitude in conversion rates. That’s what marketing and sales teams will care about.”

Conversica Named a Leader in Conversation Automation for B2B

This announcement follows Conversica’s recent acknowledgment by Forrester Research as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions For B2B, Q1 2024. The report called Conversica “best fit for organizations focused on optimizing inbound and outbound revenue processes across the B2B customer lifecycle.”

About Conversica

Conversica delivers two-way conversations that activate all parts of the funnel with precision, proactively increasing conversions and growth. Whether the focus is converting leads in Marketing, closing deals in Sales or growing existing customers in Customer Success, Conversica’s Powerfully Human conversations are informed by the industry’s most advanced enterprise-class, self-learning AI models derived from billions of human interactions over more than a decade. The Conversica Conversational AI platform is powerful enough to hold meaningful dialog in real-time across the entire customer lifecycle and smart enough to seek out and fill the ‘conversation gaps’ in the funnel, delivering the right message at the right time to put any hint of interest on the fast track to conversion. Attack each gap and slowdown point in the buyer journey with precision, influencing and persuading leads, prospects and customers through automated 1:1 interactions tailored to the unique needs of each contact.

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