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Google has released a new tool to help people around the world improve their English conversation skills – an AI-powered conversation practice feature. This innovative addition allows users to converse with an artificial intelligence system to hone their English abilities.
The conversation practice system uses advanced AI language models to engage learners in realistic dialogue scenarios.Users speak or type responses, and the AI provides feedback, asks follow-up questions, and guides the conversation based on the learner’s inputs.
Currently available in six countries – Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela – the feature is part of Google’s Search Labs program for testing experimental Search capabilities. According to TechCrunch, which first reported on the new feature, it is accessible to Search Labs users and those translating to or from English on Android devices in those nations.
Conversational AI builds upon Google’s existing “speaking practice” tools launched last year. These tools allowed English learners to practice speaking sentences and receive AI feedback on grammar and clarity. However, the new system takes it further by enabling full two-way discourse.
In one example scenario showcased, the AI asks the user, “What should I do?” after stating that it wants to get into shape. The learner must then respond using specific words like “exercise,” “heart,” and “tired” to practice applying vocabulary appropriately in context.
While details are limited, Google seems to be exploring AI’s potential for language education, a space dominated by apps like Duolingo and Babbel. Unlike those structured courses, Google’s approach leverages conversational AI for open-ended practice mimicking real dialogues.
For millions learning English worldwide, opportunities for authentic conversation practice can be limited. This Google tool could provide an affordable, accessible way to build fluency through AI-guided conversations tailored to their skill level.
Google has not announced long-term plans for the conversation practice feature. However, this limited launch across multiple countries signals the tech giant is seriously exploring AI’s language-learning potential.


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