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Indian unicorn company Gupshup has launched the Conversation Cloud, a comprehensive generative AI-powered suite of SaaS tools to improve business-to-customer interactions. This platform facilitates rich two-way conversations at scale, enhancing customer engagement on various conversational channels. 


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The Conversation Cloud comprises three main modules: Converse, Advertise, and Communicate, catering to conversational relationship management throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Key Features

Businesses can leverage advanced no-code tools, such as Gupshup Converse, to build personalised customer journeys, employ conversational commerce, and leverage AI bots like ACE LLM for natural language queries. 

While Gupshup Advertise enables marketers to acquire and convert customers through WhatsApp and Instagram Ads, resulting in significant cost savings and increased sign-ups, Gupshup Communicate enhances traditional CPaaS with features like automatic message translation, optimised scheduling, and omnichannel failover. 

Tech Stack

The generative AI model supporting all of this is ACE LLM, Gupshup’s own finely tuned LLM. It incorporates built-in guardrails and controls. Additionally, it leverages GPT models for template translations in Smart CPaaS, with plans to employ these models for template suggestions.

“Gupshup Conversation Cloud has AI infused into key modules, including the journey builder (Bot Studio) where businesses can build their own custom generative AI bots. Modules like Agent Assist and Campaign Manager have AI co-pilot-like functionality to help marketers and admin,”  Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO, Gupshup, told AIM in an exclusive interview. 

ACE LLM included a series of domain-specific LLMs tailored for functions like marketing, commerce, support, HR & IT, and industries such as banking, retail, and utilities. These models, based on foundation models like Meta’s Llama 2, OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo, and others, are finely tuned for specific industries with enterprise-grade safety controls.

Customer Stories

Sheth further shared with us that Wow! Momo has improved its customer experience by facilitating end-to-end food ordering on WhatsApp using Conversation Cloud.

The primary objectives for the leading Indian fast-food chain company included reducing dependence on aggregators, saving on substantial commissions, and transitioning from an app-first to a messaging-first approach.

“It leveraged WhatsApp for end-to-end food discovery, ordering and commerce as well as support. Post the implementation, a whopping 55% of their orders are placed directly- on WhatsApp and in-stores. The company enjoys an impressive 40% repeat order rate,” commented Sheth. 

Another beneficiary of Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud, Swiggy, experienced a notable 2.3 times increase in customer engagement. Similar success stories extend to various sectors, including government applications. The Madhya Pradesh Election Office effectively engaged 1.2 million citizens during the 2023 legislative assembly elections using Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud.

Last year, the company unveiled features including audience categorisation, automated retargeting for click-to-chat ads, and integration of ACE LLM for improved interactions in AI-driven chat and voice bots. The updates introduce tools like Campaign Manager, Agent Assist with AI Summarise, Rephrase, Expand, and Full Funnel Analytics. 

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