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“Mobilize.AI is a game-changer in customer interaction, leveraging AI to power over 100 million conversations. Our AI agents not only serve a vital role in customer support functions for our clients but are trusted to conduct sales conversations and directly contribute to bottom-line revenue,” said Frank Richards, CEO of EV3 Global. “The Mobilize.AI team’s expertise in real-time speech recognition and machine learning enables businesses to achieve higher customer satisfaction and improved customer-facing teams’ performance. We are thrilled to integrate Mobilize.AI’s platform into our suite of solutions, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

By adding Mobilize.AI to its suite of products, EV3 Global is expanding its technological reach and impact, addressing the trillion-dollar employee turnover problem through innovative AI solutions. This strategic collaboration promises to transform team dynamics, improving efficiency and productivity while helping businesses better manage their costs related to customer service.


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“No one likes waiting on hold, and there are only so many calls that a live agent can take. Our AI agents can help – they never call in sick, miss a day, or miss a call.” says Bart Myers, CEO of Mobilize.AI. “Working with our AI agents, individual live agents are empowered to focus on every customer conversation with increased care. Businesses can provide vastly improved support and sales experiences to their customers.” By integrating EV3 Global’s and Mobilize.AI’s products, we’re offering unique solutions that deliver remarkable value to our clients by not only building the best teams but making them more productive and reducing agent burnout.”

About Mobilize.AI:

Based in Denver, Mobilize.AI, a subsidiary of EV3 Global, is a conversational AI platform that utilizes recursive machine learning, proprietary speech recognition technology, and data analytics to create conversational virtual agents, automated consumer outreach, and chat support for leading global businesses and organizations in over 25 languages around the world. Mobilize.AI serves various sectors, including e-commerce, retail, financial services, political campaigns, and nonprofits. For more information, visit

About EV3 Global:

EV3 Global is committed to solving the trillion-dollar economic impact of employee turnover through its innovative solutions. By leveraging extensive impartial data and AI models designed for unbiased decision-making, EV3 enhances employee retention and corporate culture, empowering employees to thrive throughout their careers. For more information, visit EV3

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