How AI bots spread fabricated information to sway public discourse –

Representational image. | Miguel Schincariol/AFP Social media platforms have become more than mere tools for communication. They’ve evolved into bustling arenas where truth and falsehood collide. Among these platforms, X stands out as a prominent battleground. It’s a place where disinformation campaigns thrive, perpetuated by armies of AI-powered bots programmed to sway public opinion and […]

What Is Copilot? Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s AI Assistant – Gizbot

    Features oi -Kabir Jain | Published: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 10:41 [IST] Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed from science fiction to a prevalent force shaping our world. AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, particularly computer systems, that mimic human cognitive functions like learning and problem-solving. One of the most exciting […]

Perplexity AI: How does it stack up against ChatGPT? – Android Authority

Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority Ever since ChatGPT’s release in late 2022, we’ve become increasingly reliant on generative AI for research and creative tasks. However, modern AI chatbots are notoriously prone to generating inaccurate text, a phenomenon commonly known as “hallucinations”. But a new platform, Perplexity AI, now believes that it has the solution to […]

Satisfi Labs and merge to expand conversational AI across entertainment industry – Conference and Meetings World

Longtime US-based partners Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered conversational experience platform, and, a provider of AI-powered concierge services for live entertainment and attractions, have merged operations. Satisfi Labs has also appointed Micah Hollingworth as head of entertainment. Hollingworth previously served as’s founder and CEO. “This move solidifies Satisfi Labs’ dedication to bringing conversational AI […]

New Era in Live Entertainment: AI Pioneers Satisfi Labs and Merge –

Summary: Satisfi Labs and, leading artificial intelligence (AI) service providers for live entertainment, have recently merged. The union is seen as a strategic move to bring conversational AI to a broader market in the sector. With Micah Hollingworth from taking on a significant role at Satisfi Labs, the alliance marks a commitment to […]