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Conversational AI solutions are quickly becoming a common part of the modern contact center. Capable of creatively simulating human conversation, through natural language processing and understanding, these tools can transform your company’s self-service strategy. 


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What’s more, many conversational AI solutions can also support and augment agent productivity, and unlock opportunities for rich insights into customer data.  

By 2028, experts predict the conversational AI market will be worth an incredible $29.8 billion. The rise of new solutions, like generative AI and large language models, even means the tools available from vendors today are can you more advanced and powerful than ever. 

We’ve examined some of the top conversational AI solutions in the market today, to bring you this map of the best vendors in the industry. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Conversational AI Marketplace.

  • Amazon Lex 
  • IBM watsonX Assistant 
  • Yellow.AI 
  • Cognigy.AI 
  • AiseraGPT 
  • Amelia 
  • Laiyre Chatbot 
  • Tars 
  • Avaamo 
  • Oracle Digital Assistant 
  • OneReach 
  • Google Dialog Flow 
  • LivePerson Conversational Cloud 
  • SmartAction 
  • CBOT Platform 
  • NTT Data eva 
  • Verint IVA 
  • Microsoft (Azure AI) 

Cloud giant, Amazon Web Services offers numerous AI-powered tools to contact centers, including their Contact Lens solution for conversational analytics. The company’s conversational AI solutions start with Amazon Lex, a comprehensive solution for building and deploying bespoke conversational AI interfaces, via the AWS Cloud.  

Amazon Lex empowers teams to create seamless voice and text interfaces, for robust omnichannel contact center experiences. Companies can use the toolkits for everything from building self-service bots, to designing intelligent routing workflows. There are even solutions for boosting enterprise productivity, and augmenting sales and marketing teams with their own AI assistants. 

→ Explore Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Known for its wide range of business technology offerings, IBM’s conversational AI solutions are built on the comprehensive Watson ecosystem. The IBM WatsonX Assistant is a conversational AI solution powered by large language models, with an intuitive user interface. It allows companies to build both voice agents and chatbots, for automated self-service.  

Companies can integrate their AI assistant into the tools they already use for customer service and team productivity. Plus, the system comes with various built-in features, from natural language processing to agent assist tools, and comprehensive data and privacy capabilities. You don’t need any coding knowledge to start building, with the visual toolkit, and you can even give your AI assistant a custom voice to match your brand. 

→ Explore IBM 

Promising business and contact center leaders an intuitive way to automate sales and support, Yellow.AI offers enterprise level GPT (Generative AI) solutions, and conversational AI toolkits. The organization’s Dynamic Automation Platform is built on multiple LLMs, to help organizations build highly bespoke and unique human-like experiences.’s tools require minimal setup and configuration, and leverage enterprise-grade security features for privacy and compliance. They also come with access to advanced analytical tools, and can work alongside Yellow.AI’s other conversational service, employee experience, and commerce cloud systems, as well as external apps.  

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Focused on customer service automation, Cognigy.AI’s conversational AI solutions empower organizations to build and customize generative AI bots. Companies can leverage tools for intelligent routing, smart self-service, and agent assistance, in one unified package. The company has even been named a leader in the Gartner Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms Magic Quadrant.  

Cognigy’s AI offerings are enterprise-ready, with various options for personalization and customization. Companies can create bespoke workflows for their bots, combining natural language understanding with LLM technology. There’s also global language support, real-time translation features, and the option to integrate your tools with existing communication software. 

→ Explore Cognigy AI 

Kore.AI works with businesses to help them unlock the potential of conversational AI solutions. The organization offers a full conversational AI platform, where companies can access and customize solutions for both employee and customer experience. There are tools for assisting customers with self-service tasks in a range of different industries, from banking to retail.  

Plus, Kore.AI’s tools allow organizations to design their own generative and conversational AI models for HR assistance, agent assistance, and IT management. The offerings come with tools for fine-tuning responses based on your business needs, and integrations with award-winning LLMs. Plus, Kore.AI offers a range of value-added bespoke services to beginners. 

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AI company Aisera produces a wide suite of products for employee, customer, voice, Ops, and bring-your-own-bot experiences. The vendor’s conversational AI solutions are powered by AiseraGPT, a proprietary generative and conversational AI offering, built with enterprise LLMs. The solution understands requests in natural language, and triggers AI workflows in seconds. 

Aisera’s “universal bot” offering can address requests and queries across multiple domains, channels and languages. It can also intelligently route requests to other conversational AI bots based on customer or user intent. The generative AI toolkit also works with existing business products like Cisco Webex, Zoom, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. It can be adapted to suit the requirements of specific industries.  

→ Explore Aisera produces a conversational AI platform, specifically tuned to the needs of the enterprise. The company gives brands the freedom to build their own enterprise-ready bots and generative AI assistants, with minimal complexity, through a no-code system. Plus, the conversational AI solutions created by are suitable for omnichannel interactions.  

With, companies can access the latest generative AI technology, alongside machine learning and natural language understanding capabilities for both voice bots and chatbots. The platform also comes with comprehensive tools for monitoring insights and metrics from bot interactions. This means organizations can optimize their bots over time. 

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Putting generative and conversational AI solutions to work for businesses across a host of industries, Amelia helps brands elevate engagement and augment their employees. The company’s solutions give brands immediate access to generative AI capabilities, and LLMs, as well as extensive workflow builders for automating customer and employee experience. 

Amelia’s solutions can adapt to the specific feature and compliance needs of every industry, and promise a straightforward experience that requires minimal coding knowledge. You can even use Amelia’s own LLMs or bring your own models into the drag-and-drop system. Plus, there are intelligent reporting and analytical tools already built into the platform, for useful insights. 

→ Explore Amelia 

Laiye promises companies an easy-to-use platform for building conversational AI solutions and bots. The no-code system offered by Laiye can handle thousands of use cases across many channels, and offers intelligent and contextual routing capabilities. With the NLP-powered offering, companies also get a dialogue management solution, to help with shifting between different conversations. 

Plus, Laiye ensures companies can learn from every interaction, with real-time dashboards showcasing customer and user experience metrics. After each session, the system rates the answers of each bot, allowing them to learn and improve over time. Moreover, Laiye’s offering can interact with tools like Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft 365, and Zendesk. 

→ Explore Laiye 


Conversational AI platform provider, Tars, gives companies an easy way to build and manage bots for a range of use cases. The company’s bot offerings can automate customer self-service processes, utilizing natural language processing and machine learning to increase satisfaction scores. They can also augment employee experiences, with intuitive support and troubleshooting options. 

Tars provides access to various services to help companies choose the right automation workflows for their organization, and design conversational journeys. They also take a zero-trust approach to security, and can tailor their intelligent technology to your compliance requirements. With Tars, you’ll always retain full control over your data. 

→ Explore Tars 

The conversational AI solutions offered by Avaamo ensure businesses can rapidly build virtual assistants and bots with industry-specific skills. Within the platform, organizations can experiment with full conversational AI workflows, and implement AI systems into their existing technology stacks and applications. Avaamo bots work across more than 40 different channels. 

You can continuously train your bots using supervised and unsupervised methodologies, and leverage the support of AI experts for consulting and guidance. There’s even the option to build voice AI solutions for help with routing and managing callers. The full platform offers security and compliance features, flexible deployment options, and conversational AI analytics. 

 → Explore Avaamo 

The Oracle Digital Assistant platform delivers a complete suite of tools for creating conversational experiences to businesses from every industry. Companies can create and customize intelligent solutions for voice, text, and chat interfaces, leveraging features for natural language understanding, generative AI, analytics, and insights.  

Oracle’s unified ecosystem makes it simple to integrate your bots with your existing contact center and communication technologies. There are also pre-built chatbots for specific Oracle cloud applications, and advanced conversational design tools for more bespoke needs. Oracle even offers access to native multilingual support, and a dialogue and domain training system. 

→ Explore Oracle is a company offering a selection of AI design and development tools to businesses around the world. The vendor’s low code “Designer” platform supports teams in building custom conversational experiences for a range of channels. Plus, companies can leverage tools for rich web chat, graph database management, and intelligent lookup.  

With OneReach, organizations get all the resources they need to creating bots that can perform thousands of automated tasks, from suggesting products to consumers, to addressing common challenges and questions. You can even create bots for your IVR system, and integrate with solutions like Alexa, WhatsApp, and more. 

→ Explore OneReach 

Part of a comprehensive suite of intelligent cloud tools offered by Google, DialogFlow is a solution for building conversational agents. The system leverages the vendor’s resources for generative AI and machine learning, providing a single development platform for both chatbots and voice bots. Plus, companies can access Dialogflow as part of Google’s Contact Center AI solution.  

With an easy-to-use platform, Google empowers teams to develop custom agents in a few clicks, with Vertex AI Search and Conversation, within the Dialogflow UI. There are visual flow builders, support for omnichannel implementation, and state-based data models to access. Google also offers a range of technical and training resources to AI beginners. 

→ Explore Google

Delivering simple access to AI and automation, LivePerson gives organizations conversational AI solutions that span across multiple channels. The company’s platform uses the latest large language models, fine-tuned with billions of customer conversations. Moreover, it features built-in security and safety guardrails to assist companies with preserving compliance.  

With LivePerson’s conversational cloud platform, businesses can analyze conversational data in seconds, drawing insights from each discussion, and automate voice and messaging strategies. You can also build conversational AI tools tuned to the needs of your team members, helping them to automate and simplify repetitive tasks.  

→ Explore LivePerson 


Focusing on the contact center, SmartAction’s conversational AI solutions help brands to improve CX and reduce costs. With the platform, businesses can build human-like AI agents leveraging natural language processing and sentiment/intent analysis. There are diverse pre-built solutions for a range of needs, such as scheduling and troubleshooting.  

Plus, SmartAction’s conversational bots can leverage visual elements, text, and voice, to create personalized experiences for users. The company’s ecosystem can integrate with existing contact center and business apps, and offer excellent data protection and security tools. Plus, you can train each bot with your own databases and resources. 

→ Explore SmartAction 

CBOT Platform 

Produced by the company, the CBOT platform includes access to resources for conversational AI bot building, digital UX solutions and more. The no-code, and secure solution helps companies design bots that address all kinds of use cases, from customer self-service to IT and HR support. You can design sales team assistants, or agent assistant tools for contact centers. 

CBOT also provides access to various tools for analytics and reporting, video call recording and annotation, customer routing, dialogue management, and platform administration. There are also dozens of integrations with partner solutions available. Moreover, the bots work on every channel, from voice and web to social messengers.  

→ Explore CBOT 

The Eva bot conversational AI solutions, produced by NTT Data, gives companies a platform for managing, building, and customizing AI experiences. The solution combines generative AI and LLM capabilities with natural language understanding and machine learning. Users can also deploy their bots across a host of channels, from socials, to call center apps.  

With solutions for digital workplace management, employee engagement, and cognitive contact center experiences, Eva addresses various enterprise use cases. NTT Data also ensures companies can preserve compliance, with intelligent data management and controls. There are even tools for tracking NPS and CSAT scores through conversational experiences. 

→ Explore NTT Data (Eva) 

CX automation company Verint offers conversational AI solutions in the form of its chatbots, IVA, and live chat toolkit. With this ecosystem, businesses can build comprehensive conversational workflows with bots that support digital, SMS, voice, and mobile channels. Verint Voice and Digital Containment bots use NLU and AI to automate interactions with all types of customers.  

Additionally, Verint offers an Intent Discovery bot solution, that uses AI to understand the purpose behind calls. Companies can customize their solutions with generative AI and NLU models, low-code automation, enterprise integrations, and continuous performance solutions. What’s more, Verint also promises end-to-end security and data control. 

→ Explore Verint 

Making numerous strides in the world of generative AI and conversational AI solutions, Microsoft empowers companies with their Azure AI platform. The solution enables business leaders to create intelligent apps at scale with open-source models that integrate with existing tools. You can leverage copilot building solutions for generative AI opportunities, and omnichannel interactions. 

Microsoft also promises companies the opportunity to take a responsible approach to AI development, with an ethical and secure user interface. With machine learning operations, Azure AI prompt flows, and support from technical experts, there are numerous options for businesses to explore.  

→ Explore Microsoft (Azure AI) 

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